Drinking Game

As you may have noticed, dear listeners, there are certain things that come up quite frequently during our podcast. If you would like to drink along with us and add an extra layer of challenge, take a sip of your drink whenever the following things happen:

  • Melissa says, “To be fair…”
  • Windy says, “To make it clear…”
  • Windy mentions her mom.
  • Somebody snorts while laughing.
  • You hear a new bottle of wine being opened or poured.
  • Melissa name-drops Channel 9 from back when they were unaffiliated with a network.
  • “We’ll fix it in post.”
  • “____ is great radio.”
  • Something goes THUNK (usually a wine glass on the table).
  • “I KNOW, RIGHT?”
  • Windy calls someone, “Judgy!”
  • You know jazz hands happened.
  • Someone bursts into song.
  • Someone mentions Frozen.
  • Someone mentions Butt-Numb-a-Thon / BNAT.
  • Melissa says that someone was at, “the height of their powers.”
  • Someone mentions Video Universe.
  • Someone mentions Jet’s Pizza.
  • Someone uses any of the following words: zeitgeist, oeuvre, dichotomy.
  • Someone mentions or impersonates Terry-Thomas.

Have you noticed something we’ve left out? Go to our Contact Us page and suggest it!

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