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Episode 138: Oscars / Come From Away / Space Sweepers

Episode 138Oh my, dear listeners, what a week! The Oscar nominations have arrived, Windy wants to talk musicals again, and Melissa has love for a Korean space epic.

Show notes under the cut!

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Idina Menzel Renamed Adele Dazeem for Broadway Show

If you were watching the Oscars with us / near us / within the same state as us, you probably heard indignant wails from Windy when she momentarily thought she was going to be deprived of Idina Menzel during the show. “We were promised Idina! I WAS PROMISED IDINA! WHO IS ADELE DAZ… oh hey, it’s Idina!”

John Travolta’s gaffe lives on in real life. Hitflix and Twitter user Janet Krupin (@janetkrupin) report that Idina Menzel has been renamed “Adele Dazeem” in the official Playbill for the Broadway show If/Then. The joke is carried even further in her show bio, where she played “Ephraima in Wicked-ly” and appeared in the Disney musical “Farfignugen“.

In the universe where Idina Menzel exists instead of Adele Dazeem, Ms. Menzel perhaps most famous for her portrayal as Elphaba in Broadway’s Wicked and for singing the meme-tastic “Let It Go” in Disney’s Frozen.

Live Tweeting the Oscars

While we here at Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome realize that The Academy Awards are seriously flawed, we still love the annual Oscars show. Every year since 2009, Melissa has live-tweeted the show from the comfort of a friend’s living room, and gained a moment of glory when she tweeted so fast that Twitter decided she was a robot and shut down her account. Every year since, she has attempted to break Twitter during the Oscars.

This year, Melissa and Windy teamed up on the @XanaduCinema Twitter account for Oscars night. Yes, Twitter did break. New outlets claim that the Ellen DeGeneres selfie took Twitter to the FailWhale zone, but we here in the Pleasure Dome know the truth.

The Twitter feed lies below the cut for posterity. Melissa’s tweets are marked with an M, and Windy’s with a W. Tweets have been edited to remove useless things like hashtags. Enjoy!
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