Idina Menzel Renamed Adele Dazeem for Broadway Show

If you were watching the Oscars with us / near us / within the same state as us, you probably heard indignant wails from Windy when she momentarily thought she was going to be deprived of Idina Menzel during the show. “We were promised Idina! I WAS PROMISED IDINA! WHO IS ADELE DAZ… oh hey, it’s Idina!”

John Travolta’s gaffe lives on in real life. Hitflix and Twitter user Janet Krupin (@janetkrupin) report that Idina Menzel has been renamed “Adele Dazeem” in the official Playbill for the Broadway show If/Then. The joke is carried even further in her show bio, where she played “Ephraima in Wicked-ly” and appeared in the Disney musical “Farfignugen“.

In the universe where Idina Menzel exists instead of Adele Dazeem, Ms. Menzel perhaps most famous for her portrayal as Elphaba in Broadway’s Wicked and for singing the meme-tastic “Let It Go” in Disney’s Frozen.

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