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Episode 147: XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 1

Episode 147Dear listeners, today we bring back one of our favorite traditions of Pleasure Domes past: the XanaCineHoliday! This esteemed holiday is when Windy and Melissa pick out a weekend, assign movies to each other, watch those movies, and meet up between films to talk about them. Today’s episode is the first half our XanaCineHoliday disucssions; next week we will post the second half.

Movies discussed:
Space Sweepers
Newsies: The Broadway Musical
Mulholland Drive
Facing Nolan

Episode 138: Oscars / Come From Away / Space Sweepers

Episode 138Oh my, dear listeners, what a week! The Oscar nominations have arrived, Windy wants to talk musicals again, and Melissa has love for a Korean space epic.

Show notes under the cut!

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