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Episode 147: XanaCineHoliday 4, Part 1

Episode 147Dear listeners, today we bring back one of our favorite traditions of Pleasure Domes past: the XanaCineHoliday! This esteemed holiday is when Windy and Melissa pick out a weekend, assign movies to each other, watch those movies, and meet up between films to talk about them. Today’s episode is the first half our XanaCineHoliday disucssions; next week we will post the second half.

Movies discussed:
Space Sweepers
Newsies: The Broadway Musical
Mulholland Drive
Facing Nolan

Episode 135: Hello Again and The Best of 2022

Best of 2022Dear listeners, we have returned after a long hiatus! We are excited to catch up with you and to chat about the great movies of the past year!

Please excuse some of the audio quality. We were trying out a couple new tech tools and haven’t gotten the hang of them yet.

Show notes below the cut!

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