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The Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome podcast started in the winter of 2013, when Windy and Melissa said, “Hey, we should do a podcast!” The drinking came afterward.

Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome can be found on:

About Melissa

Melissa’s first film was The Mouse and His Child, which she remembers seeing in the theater at the age of 2. She remembers her second movie, too (Dumbo). She also remembers her next seven theater trips after that (all Star Wars on its original release). By then, she was addicted to cinema. Melissa is now a Minneapolis-based …

About Windy

Windy saw STAR WARS at the Glenwood Theater in Kansas City, MO the summer of 1977 and proceeded to see it 13 more times in the theaters that summer.  She was also raised on Saturday afternoon sci-fi matinee movies on the local channel, where she saw many a Godzilla film as well as such visual …

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