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About Windy

windyWindy saw STAR WARS at the Glenwood Theater in Kansas City, MO the summer of 1977 and proceeded to see it 13 more times in the theaters that summer.  She was also raised on Saturday afternoon sci-fi matinee movies on the local channel, where she saw many a Godzilla film as well as such visual treats as Trog.  Along the way, she was occasionally allowed to stay up late to watch movies on tv, which is how she first saw Arsenic & Old Lace as well as The Uninvited.

Along with all this evidence of Windy having terrible parents who let the tv be the babysitter, Windy loved to roller skate.  So imagine the impact of the film classic XANADU!  A musical movie with roller skating!  (Windy saw it opening weekend, naturally.)

Windy keeps herself very very very busy with her family, and playing roller derby, and helping run sci fi conventions, and creating various theatrical productions, and going to film festivals.

As a movie watcher, Windy is both very forgiving and incredibly picky.  Picky because she doesn’t want to waste her precious free time on a movie that won’t be entertaining.  Forgiving because there are many ways for a movie to be entertaining – and Windy has a definite love for b-movies.  (She even enjoyed watching The Mummy 2 – which was a terrible movie.  But, as she is fond of saying, “It sure was good and loud!”)

Is it a dance movie?  She’ll see it.  (Yes, every Step Up movie produced.)

Is it an underdog sports movie?  She’ll see it. (Even Mark Wahlberg in Invincible.)

Does it have Stanley Tucci in it?  She’ll see it. (THE CORE!!!)

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