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Episode 195: Totally Killer / Lady from the Black Lagoon

Episode 195Dearest listeners, this week we bring you a time travel slasher and a book about a woman who made an iconic movie monster!

Movies mentioned:
Totally Killer

Other things mentioned:
Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Legacy of Milicent Patrick by Mallory O’Meara
The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells
Valleyfair versus the Minnesota River

Episode 194: Under Paris / Immaculate

Episode 194Dearest listeners, today we bring you a whole buffet of joys! Crashing cars! Heroin aiiens! Armless cult leaders! Even more cults! AND SHARKS!

Movies discussed:
Liquid Sky
Santa Sangre
Under Paris
I Saw the TV Glow

Other things discussed:
Altering playback speed of podcasts
Towel racks

Episode 193: Hit Man / I Was Born, But…

Episode 193Dearest listeners (and John Travolta), we bring you glad tidings of Linklater and Ozu! And also maybe some John Travolta!

Movies mentioned:
Hit Man
I Was Born, But…
The Great Dictator
The Sting
King Lear

Other things mentioned:
Criterion 24/7
The Paramount Theater –
Agatha Christie
The 1986 Cannon Films promo reel –

Episode 192: Atlas / Hump / Furiosa

Dearest listeners, this week our movie chatter turns to sex, cars, and home maintenance!

Movies mentioned:
Midnight Madness
Hump (which is now streaming at
The Big Bus

Other things mentioned:
DK Sushi karaoke
Heat pumps


Episode 191: Your Name. / Field of Dreams

Dearest listeners, we return this week with the cinematic delights of Japan and… Iowa?

Movies discussed:
Your Name.
Field of Dreams

Other things mentioned:
The northern lights
Consumer Reports
Apple pie
Greek cherry phyllo strudel
Deep fried feta cheese

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