Episode 193: Hit Man / I Was Born, But…

Episode 193Dearest listeners (and John Travolta), we bring you glad tidings of Linklater and Ozu! And also maybe some John Travolta!

Movies mentioned:
Hit Man
I Was Born, But…
The Great Dictator
The Sting
King Lear

Other things mentioned:
Criterion 24/7
The Paramount Theater – https://www.austintheatre.org/
Agatha Christie
The 1986 Cannon Films promo reel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crW6W-eLmyQ&ab_channel=TrailerWorld


  1. That “John Travolta!” audio clip from the promo reel should be part of some weird retro dance dub mix or something. (I am IN TEARS laughing from the edits to the outtro!)

    Also: Why won’t Blewski let me find you to follow? Dagnabbit Blooskeye! (Unsurprisingly, I am using the same username there as I do most everywhere…)

  2. Thanks! I’m so glad others are amused like I am at my current obsessions with JOHN TRAVOLTA.

    I can only presume that the difficulty in Bluuskay is the spelling of my name. I found you and followed you. 😉

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