Episode 194: Under Paris / Immaculate

Episode 194Dearest listeners, today we bring you a whole buffet of joys! Crashing cars! Heroin aiiens! Armless cult leaders! Even more cults! AND SHARKS!

Movies discussed:
Liquid Sky
Santa Sangre
Under Paris
I Saw the TV Glow

Other things discussed:
Altering playback speed of podcasts
Towel racks


  1. I cannot be a passenger princess.

    Clearly not, for I lack a proper tiara.

    (INTERSTELLAR over THE MARTIAN as “real Sci-Fi”? WHAT ARE THEY SMOKING?!? GAAAH. The most egregious thing in THE MARTIAN is the “Iron Man” riff. FFS.)

  2. You can absolutely be a passenger princess! The tiara has been within you all along!

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