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Episode 194: Under Paris / Immaculate

Episode 194Dearest listeners, today we bring you a whole buffet of joys! Crashing cars! Heroin aiiens! Armless cult leaders! Even more cults! AND SHARKS!

Movies discussed:
Liquid Sky
Santa Sangre
Under Paris
I Saw the TV Glow

Other things discussed:
Altering playback speed of podcasts
Towel racks

Episode 86: Mechanocinephilia (with the Occasional Devil Cult)

0086 CarsThis week, dear listeners, we bring you an episode about Melissa’s obsession with car movies! We talk about car chases, car crashes, car explosions, and, of course, devil cults.

If you would like to drink along, you’ll need to go to a gas station in Wisconsin to pick up a bottle of Three Lakes Winery semi-sweet cranberry wine. But we won’t judge you if you substitute something within easier reach!

Show notes behind the cut!

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