Oct 13 2015

Trailer Tuesday

Oct 08 2015

Back on October 15th

Hello, dear listeners!

This is just a quick note to say that we won’t have a podcast this week. Melissa is still fighting the Fantastic Flu and basically hasn’t been outside her house since Sunday. (Apparently, nearly everyone at Fantastic Fest caught a cold this year — or at least it looks that way from the complaints on the Facebook group.)

Anyway, we figured you needed some extra time to catch up with the glut of podcasts we posted last week. That was a lot a lot of hours of drunken / sleep deprived / cold-medicated shenanigans, y’all.

We’ll catch up with you next week!

Oct 06 2015

El Pancake-O Is Here to Serve You


This public service announcement comes to you from William Donohue, one of our many fine Brians.

Oct 06 2015

Trailer Tuesday

Oct 02 2015

Episode 84i: Fantastic Fest and the Eclectic Mayhem: Part 9

0084 FFIn our final FANTASTIC FEST daily episode, we once again kidnap film blogger Adam Lueck for his cinematic opinions and dulcet vocal tones! We also talk about the closing night party and sing unholy praises to Black Phillip.

Movies mentioned:
Portal to Hell (short)
The Babysitter Murders (short)
House of Straw (short)
The Wave
Devil’s Candy
April and the Extraordinary World
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Bone Tomahawk
The Witch

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