Episode 193: Hit Man / I Was Born, But…

Episode 193Dearest listeners (and John Travolta), we bring you glad tidings of Linklater and Ozu! And also maybe some John Travolta!

Movies mentioned:
Hit Man
I Was Born, But…
The Great Dictator
The Sting
King Lear

Other things mentioned:
Criterion 24/7
The Paramount Theater – https://www.austintheatre.org/
Agatha Christie
The 1986 Cannon Films promo reel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crW6W-eLmyQ&ab_channel=TrailerWorld

Episode 192: Atlas / Hump / Furiosa

Dearest listeners, this week our movie chatter turns to sex, cars, and home maintenance!

Movies mentioned:
Midnight Madness
Hump (which is now streaming at https://www.humpfilmfest.com/)
The Big Bus

Other things mentioned:
DK Sushi karaoke
Heat pumps


Episode 191: Your Name. / Field of Dreams

Dearest listeners, we return this week with the cinematic delights of Japan and… Iowa?

Movies discussed:
Your Name.
Field of Dreams

Other things mentioned:
The northern lights
Consumer Reports
Apple pie
Greek cherry phyllo strudel
Deep fried feta cheese

Episode 190: Late Night with the Devil / Fall Guy / Argylle

Episode 190Dearest listeners! We have so many cinematic delights to share this week that we can’t fit all of them in the episode title! We also have dogs!

Movies mentioned:
The Holdovers
Godzilla Minus 1
Late Night with the Devil
The Cleansing Hour
The Fall Guy

Other things mentioned:
Peshwari naan and other Indian cuisine
Los Straitjackets’ cover of “My Heart Will Go On”

Episode 189: Staying Alive / Time Masters / Lisa Frankenstein

Episode 189This week, dear listeners, join us in the hot tub for our latest cinematic delights! No really, we’re in a hot tub!

Movies mentioned:
Staying Alive
Lisa Frankenstein
Time Masters (aka Masters of Time)

Other things mentioned:
Hot tubs
Cadbury Mini Eggs

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