Dec 18 2014

Episode 45: Time Is a Beard


0045 Off TopicThis is our 45th episode, which means it is time for our third Off Topic extravaganza! If you’re a longtime listener, you already know what this means, but in case you’re new to the Pleasure Dome, here’s what’s going on:

Our episodes are heavily edited, because we record drunk and edit sober. Most of what we cut out are things that nobody will miss, but sometimes we have to clip out something that is entertaining, but it doesn’t fit in the episode. So, we save all those clips until we can just make a whole damn episode out of them. It’s like a crazy quilt, but with drunken ramblings.

(In case you are curious, here are Off Topic #1 and Off Topic #2.)

The audio bits you are about to hear were recorded between August and November 2014. The audio quality will vary, the subject matter will roam wildly, and our level of sobriety will be completely unpredictable. You will also hear the beautiful voices of:

Matt Kessen
Gordon Smuder
Sharon Stiteler
Rob Callahan
Chris Bowlsby
Windy’s Mom

Also, here’s a series of photos showing Sharon Stiteler reacting during one of the clips you’ll hear:


Please enjoy our third Off Topic spectacular!

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Dec 16 2014

Trailer Tuesday

Dec 15 2014

This Week’s Underappreciated Movies

Every Monday, each of us will suggest a film that we feel too few people have seen.


Melissa’s Pick of the Week: Nightmare Alley

This astoundingly strange film noir can be hard to find, but it’s worth the work. Tyrone Power plays an ambitious carney who steals the mentalist sideshow act of Joan Blondell and begins his own career as a psychic. Along the way, there is alcoholism, scheming, psychologists, and a certain outmoded definition of “geek”Nightmare Alley is also a great example of women’s roles in classic film noir: the ladies are just as dangerous as the men. The whole thing is a dark carnival of deceit, and it never quite goes where you expect. Great stuff.


Windy’s Pick of the Week: Murphy’s Romance

This 80s comedy stars Sally Field in the central role of a recently divorced woman with teenage son moving to a small town to make a go of running a horse ranch. Shortly after arriving she meets the cranky (and much older) town pharmacist played by James Garner. Garner’s character clearly takes a liking to this spunky woman and quietly starts sending business her way. Things have reached the point of interesting when the ex-husband (Brian Kerwin) shows up needing a place to stay. A fairly typical romantic comedy that actually has a bit of comedy, along with some delightful chemistry between Field and Garner.

Dec 11 2014

Episode 44: If You Can’t Feel Your Nose, Is It Still There?


044 PhilosophyOh wow, listeners. This week, we bring you the drunkest drunk we’ve ever drunked. Author and storyteller Rob Callahan returns to join us for an episode about philosophy movies, which is absolutely the sort of brainy episode you want to embark upon after killing three bottles of wine before even starting to record.

Seriously. We recorded for three hours. We edited out two hours of unintelligible mumblings and completely random rhapsodies about Jennifer Connelly in The Rocketeer. After the podcast, Rob fell asleep on the couch and woke up in the morning to find Windy’s daughter staring at him. Melissa mostly doesn’t remember recording the episode (yet apparently still had the faculties to describe Synecdoche, New York, no matter how many extra syllables she used).

It was after this episode that we decided that the SI Base Unit for inebriation is The Callahan.

It’s possible you will actually get contact drunk from this episode, but if you feel you need to enhance the experience, we suggest either Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Dortmunder Gold beer or Block Red Wine Shiraz. Because that’s what we drank after the three bottles of wine we started with.

Show notes behind the cut!

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Dec 09 2014

Trailer Tuesday

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