Episode 192: Atlas / Hump / Furiosa

Dearest listeners, this week our movie chatter turns to sex, cars, and home maintenance!

Movies mentioned:
Midnight Madness
Hump (which is now streaming at https://www.humpfilmfest.com/)
The Big Bus

Other things mentioned:
DK Sushi karaoke
Heat pumps



  1. Listener Number 3 checking in! Hi!

    In March we moved out of an apartment (which we tried to keep cool with two portable AC units, but when you’re upstairs and face west, good effing luck) and into a rental house with central air. The brief hot-weather events we’ve had so far suggest that we may never need to plug those portables in ever again and I’m SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

  2. Ugh, those window units do the job in a pinch, but the cost and the NOISE are awful. One of our old window units was always placed in the window next to the movie-watchin’ TV, so every film and TV show had unwelcome vocal accompaniment. I didn’t realize just how much I’d hated it until this summer, when my movies now are allowed blissful sonic clarity.

    So glad you also got to upgrade your cooling this year! It’s magnificent!

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