Mar 13 2014

Episode 5: My Garden of Dark Black Flowers

Xanadu Sq LogoIn this week’s episode, we discuss the glories of films noir, from yesteryear and today. If you would like to drink along with us, our booze of the week is Laphroaig Cairdeas scotch, which seemed a far more appropriate pairing for films noir than our usual wine.

Glance below the cut for a list of films and people that get mentioned in this week’s episode.

Films mentioned
Public Enemy
Citizen Kane
Nightmare Alley
Double Indemnity
Sunset Boulevard
Ace in the Hole
The Lost Weekend
The Uninvited
Touch of Evil
The Wrong Man
Strangers on a Train
Shadow of a Doubt
Spiral Staircase
White Heat
Rock All Night
Gun Crazy
Odds Against Tomorrow
Orange Is the New Black (TV)
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Thin Man
American Psycho
Primal Fear
Cape Fear
Smoking Aces
Strange Days
Minority Report
Shutter Island
Taxi Driver
Raging Bull
In Bruges
Lion King
City of Lost Children
Le Samourai
Plein Soleil / Purple Noon
Stray Dog
Seven Samurai
Drunken Angel
High and Low
The Bad Sleep Well
Arsenic and Old Lace
Scarlet Street
Millers Crossing
The Big Lebowski
The Big Sleep
Jackie Brown
Pulp Fiction
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Blood Simple

People mentioned
Mel Gibson
William DeVane
James Cagney
Paul Muni
Billy Wilder
Gloria Swanson
Joseph Cotten
Ray Milland
Kirk Douglas
Charlton Heston
Peter Jackson
Alfred Hitchcock
Hume Cronyn
Teresa Wright
Ingrid Bergman
Angela Lansbury
Charles Boyer
Tyrone Power
Joan Blondell
Agnes Moorehead
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Shane Black
Robert Downey Jr
Val Kilmer
Christian Bale
Ed Norton
Ben Affleck
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Jules Dassin
Tim and Pat Wick
Christopher Jones
Joe Pantoliano
Gina Gershon
Jean-Pierre Melville
Alain Delon
Akira Kurosawa
Takashi Shimura
Toshiro Mifune
Fritz Lang
Peter Lorre
Edward G. Robinson
The Coen Brothers
Quentin Tarantino
Gabriel Byrne
Albert Finney
Terry Gilliam

Other things mentioned
The Hays Code
The Heights Theater

CORRECTION (3/15/2014): We were wrong about Joseph Cotten being in Sunset Boulevard. That was William Holden! (In our defense, William Holden’s voice sounds a lot like Joseph Cotten’s. No, seriously! It’s true!)

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