This Week’s Underappreciated Movies

Every Monday, each of us will suggest a film that we feel too few people have seen.

Angel and the Badman

Windy’s Pick of the Week: Angel and the Badman

Early John Wayne in a more romantic cowboy turn. Wayne plays Quirt Evans, the most badass sharp shooter around. While running from a gang intent on finishing him off, he wanders injured into the homestead of a family of Quakers. And into the loving arms of Gail Russell (a favorite in The Uninvited too – gorgeous, and such a lovely speaking voice!). A story about redemption and re-inventing yourself. And how a passive offense can be very successful!


Melissa’s Pick of the Week: Norwegian Ninja

If you’re really up on your Norwegian history, you’ll know that Arne Treholt was a real politician who was convicted of high treason during the Cold War for supposedly selling secrets to the Soviet Union. He was pardoned under strange circumstances in 1992, and now lives in Cyprus.

Well, some Norwegian filmmakers decided to make a film about the guy. And they said, “Let’s fill in everything we don’t know with NINJAS.”

So, here’s a very fictional account of the life of Arne Treholt, Norwegian patriot and head of a ninja compound off the coast of Norway. It’s like a Shaw Brothers movie mashed up with fjords and model Russky subs. Norwegian Ninja is delightfully weird and can be easily found on Netflix Streaming.

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