Episode 96: There Is a Party in My Bottle, and You’re Invited!

0096 Party MoviesBuckle up, dear listeners, because this week, we celebrate the New Year with a selection of PARTY MOVIES! (Appropriately, this is an even-numbered episode, so the drunk is especially strong with this one.)

If you would like to drink along (hoo boy), we recommend either Yellowtail Winter Red Blend (Windy’s choice) or Kickapoo Fruit Shine sangria-flavored soda with New Amsterdam Vodka (Melissa’s choice).

(Note: Kickapoo Fruit Shine contains caffeine, unbeknownst to Melissa at the time. Melissa hadn’t had caffeine in many years. If she sounds like a rabid, drunk Tasmanian Devil at times during the episode, that is the reason. She spent the remainder of the night vaguely sick to her stomach, drunk-texting Caltech and JPL engineers until 5 AM.)

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
West Side Story
The Perfect Host
Dude, Where’s My Car
Grosse Pointe Blank
Back to School

People mentioned:
Jerome Robbins
Robert Wise
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Bob Fosse
David Hyde Pierce
John Cusack
Joan Cusack
Madeline Khan
Rodney Dangerfield
Robert Downey, Jr.
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Alton Brown’s cranberry sauce:

Broders Pasta Bar:

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  1. Wowie zowie did you two get superdrunk or what? *snerk*

    Clue! So many stupendous comedy actors! “Flames… on the side of my face…” (almost the only ad-lib in the whole otherwise-tightly-scripted thing). It is an utter delight. Just, fully delightful.

    Grosse Pointe Blank! Everyone in that movie played off of everyone else SO spectacularly. Joan Cusack is a GIFT. Dan Ackroyd as an antagonist, bouncing off of John Cusack as the protagonist who’s kind of also a bad guy. There’s almost nothing not to love. A classic, and unlike pretty much everything else ever made.

    I have a recommendation! Since Windy’s having a blast with Hamilton (rightly so), I figured I’d mention one of my Christmas gifts. Last year I got Cory O’Brien’s “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes,” a collection of stupendously irreverent and profane (yet occasionally insightful and generally hilarious) free-verse (kind of) essays on various myths and legends and creation stories from the ancient world. WELL. For Christmas this year, a friend gave me “George Washington Is Cash Money,” which is O’Brien taking on the myths and legends of the USA. With all the due respect and reverence they deserve, of course. (Ahem.) To quote a part of the book relevant to Windy’s interests:

    “So Alex and some other dudes
    who call themselves the Federalists
    decide they REALLY need a strong constitution
    that gives the central government ACTUAL powers
    and in order to convince people to do this
    Alex and his bros write like eighty essays about it
    and Alex alone writes FIFTY of those essays.
    FIFTY essays
    that’s like twice the number of essays
    I DIDN’T write in college.
    Alexander Hamilton don’t play.”

    It’s a whole book like that. Yes, O’Brien has a website and you can read a lot of the stuff there, but it’s totally worth owning this book in dead-tree form to thumb through and be randomly amused by.

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