Are you ready for XanaCineHoliday?

Look who showed up to watch Bridge of Spies with me! #xanacineholiday

Melissa and The Elusive Fes during our November XanaCineHoliday

Last November, we had a trial run of a new thing called XanaCineHoliday: Windy would camp out in a theater in Texas, and Melissa would camp out in a theater in Minneapolis, and we’d both watch movies all day. It was a ton of fun, so now we’re doing the first official XanaCineHoliday! (Or maybe we’ll just call it XanaCineHoliday #2. We’re not sure yet.)

If you would like to participate, watch a movie — or several — on Saturday, February 20th. It doesn’t matter if you watch the movie in a theater or off a DVD, just watch a movie! When you’re done, tell us what you watched! You can comment here on the web site, you can comment on our Facebook page, or you can tweet at us. We’ll be posting with the #xanacineholiday hashtag.

Alternately, if you’re in the Minneapolis area and have nothing better to do on the 20th, here’s Melissa’s tentative schedule. Feel free to show up and say hi!

Noon: Deadpool (Willow Creek)
2:50 PM: Hail, Caesar! (Willow Creek)
4:45 PM: Room (Willow Creek)
7:05 PM: The Big Short (Willow Creek)
9:50 PM: The Witch (Willow Creek)
Midnight: Ex Machina (The Uptown) (maybe)

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  1. Might just see about doing this, though it’ll almost certainly be movie-watching-at-home. Maybe I’ll hunker down and watch some of those “I’ve meant to but never got to it” flicks…

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