Episode 130: XanaCineMovieTradeHolidayDayThing: Part 1

XanaCineHolidayThis week, dear listeners, Windy and Melissa do another variant on the XanaCineHoliday, where they each spent an entire day watching movies they had never seen, as dictated by the other host. The movies range from ultra-obscure avant-garde to a movie where projectile vomiting happens before the opening credits end, and approximately 71% of them are arguably musicals.

If you want to drink along, grab some Bushmills Irish Whiskey or some sake and dig in!

ALERT ALERT ALERT LATE BREAKING NEWS: filmmaker Ross Sutherland has posted the entirety of Stand by for Tape Backup to Vimeo for free. YOU CAN WATCH IT NOW!

Also, Melissa was totally wrong. The first time she saw Stand by for Tape Back-Up, she saw it performed live; the second time is when she saw the film version. Proof is in Episode 84d!

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies watched:
Guys and Dolls
All that Heaven Allows
Stand by for Tape Back-Up
The Station Agent
Grand Piano
Pitch Perfect

People mentioned:
Rock Hudson
Jane Wyman
Agnes Moorehead
Douglas Sirk
Marlon Brando
Frank Sinatra
Jean Simmons
Stubby Kaye
Ross Sutherland
Eugenio Mira
Elijah Wood
Alex Winter
Tom McCarthy
Peter Dinklage
Patricia Clarkson
Bobby Cannavale
Stephen Trask
Stanley Donen
Dudley Moore
Peter Cooke
Raquel Welch
Elizabeth Banks
Rebel Wilson
Christopher Mintz-Plasse


The full movie of Stand by for Tape Back-Up:

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