Episode 133c: Viva la Eclectic Mayhem! Part 3

Fantastic Fest 2018We return with tales from Day 3 of Fantastic Fest 2018! Nazi zombies, ghost boats, and Nicolas Cage ahoy!

Show notes below the cut!

Movies Discussed:
Level 16
Drug Stories (short film collection)
The Trip Back (short)
Slut in a Good Way
Hold the Dark
The Boat
Between Worlds
Folklore (TV)

People Discussed:
Florrie Fisher
Jeremy Saulnier
Jeffrey Wright
Winston Azzopardi
Joe Azzopardi
Jovan Adepo
Nicolas Cage
Franke Potente
Maria Pulera

BONUS! If you want to see The Trip Back and Florrie Fisher in all her glory, here it is. The copy seen in the AGFA/Something Weird collection is MUCH nicer than this (fully restored!), so look for the DVD/Blu-Ray next year:

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