Episode 178: It’s a Wonderful Knife / Godzilla Minus One

Episode 178Happy holidays, dearest listeners! We bring you gifts of cutlery and smashery and opery and history!

Movies discussed:
It’s a Wonderful Knife
Godzilla Minus One

Other things discussed:
Fathom Events running Broadway shows and the Met Opera
“Ancient Mesopotamia” by Mr. Nicky

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  1. Oh, streaming services. We’re down to The ‘Zon (sigh, Prime is too useful for a homebound diabetic who’s trying not to catch The Rona), Netflix (a good documentary source sometimes, plus they get certain first-run anime), Crunchyroll and HIDIVE (anime, anime), and the CuriosityStream/Nebula bundle (super cheap).

    I dropped (HBO)Max during one of the early Zaslov bullshit situations (Batgirl, if I remember correctly), I dropped D+ early this year when I realized I didn’t care about the endless array of MCU/Star Wars “CONTENT” anymore, and we’ve never been a fruit-logo household (sorry Windy! please enjoy the Murderbot series on my behalf!).

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