Episode 180: Marvels / The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

Episode 180It’s good to be back, dearest listeners! Today we bring you tidings of our latest discoveries, plus a long discussion about the ever-expanding MCU and its associated fatigue.

Movies discussed:
The Thin Man
The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster
Marvels (and the MCU in general)

Other things discussed:
General praising/griping about various streaming services
The Marvelization of Cinema (video mentioned by Melissa during the episode)
It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
Book Nooks
Sarah J Maas books
Russian Doll (TV)


  1. Welcome back! Here, have a big ol’ stack of commentary!

    Broken weather: We had that 16F weather event, and two weeks later we were in springtime. In January! Climate borken.

    MCU: Money guys said “More. MORE!” They thought that they could do with movies what they’ve done to print comics, but only hardcore comics nerds are going to want to do all that HOMEWORK. It feels like homework now. I didn’t do my homework in high school, I’m sure as shit not doing it in my 50s. (And as you said, at least you can breeze through several floppies in a matter of minutes, not stacks of hours.)

    Marvels: The ending fight was just there to get to the hooks for the next projects, which was a disservice to nearly everything else. When you KNEW that Fury’s advice was going to be ignored because they gotta hit those expected beats during the fight? Yawn. Get it over with. I liked the movie overalll, BUT. Hey, wanna read my review? Of course! https://greyduck.net/journal/4588

    Recasting: “They did it with Don Cheadle” and they even made a winking nod to it the instant he shows up! And then they were cowards from that moment onward.

  2. Thanks to the link to your review! I have stashed it away for when I actually see Marvels, which is probably inevitable now that I saw the keyword “Goose” when I glanced at your link.

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