Episode 183: Last Voyage of the Demeter / Parallax View

Episode 183This week, dear listeners, we discuss Tarzan, Dracula, and CHEESE!

Movies discussed:
Legend of Tarzan
Last Voyage of the Demeter
Saving Private Ryan
The Parallax View

Other things discussed:
Dracula (book)
Wensleydale cheese
The Mad Hatter Tea House


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  1. I think you got last episode’s audio in this episode’s post. D’oh!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for catching that so quickly! Should be fixed now!

  2. A bit late coming back to this one, sorry…

    Epistolary stories: Dracula is probably the best known, but there’s also War With The Newts! I read the latter (on account of my namesake Mr Capek) then came to Dracula as part of a brief interest in other epistolary works. Look, I can’t do anything the normal way, it’s just a fact.

    I can’t hear the term “Wensleydale cheese” without being put in mind of Wallace & Gromit. I just can’t. (This is the opposite of a problem.)

    Bull in a china shop: Mythbusters did a riff on that, and found that bulls are actually really careful around furniture!

  3. Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) is also epistolary, if you want to continue the trend!

    I am 90% sure that Windy’s obsession with Wensleydale also started with Wallace & Gromit.

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