Episode 186: Saltburn / Tenet / Dune

Episode 186Hello again, dearest listeners! This week, we talk about eating the rich and eating the spice, plus all the joy that 70mm can bring!

Movies discussed:
Dune Part 1
Dune Part 2

Other things discussed:
Saltburn valentines
Paisley Park
Strange New Worlds


  1. Ah, I wondered what “Brave New Worlds” was, but it was Strange New Worlds. D’oh!

    What’s brought me joy recently? Being in our new house, with the big JBL studio monitors (speakers) in the living room so we can watch shows and play games with SOUND (not just sound but SOUND) again. Ah, I missed those. (I mean, my Polk Monitor 4a speakers? The ones that are older than my adult-aged children? We used those in the apartment for 8 years. They’re also great! But… the JBLs! OOMPH. Heck yeah.)

  2. Ope! Thanks for the catch. Strange New Worlds it is!

    Polk is always my go-to for speakers, and they’ve always outlasted JBL equipment for me. But the difference is small, and there is such joy in having real damn speakers! Go crank that subwoofer and watch U-571, with all those depth charges!

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