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Oh no! The Pleasure Dome needs to skip a week!

Howdy, dear listeners! Melissa here.

As you know, I spend many hours each week editing our episodes. (And yes, you do want me to do that. Seriously.) Alas, I have been slammed this week with non-Xanadu things, both planned and unplanned: moving to a new house, long hours at work, intermittent Internet access, a broken water heater, a surprise dentist appointment, etc. With all that going on, there just aren’t enough hours in this week to polish up our latest episode.

This is the first time since starting this podcast that we’ve missed a week; I hope it is also our last. (At the very least, I hope I don’t have another week this crazy for a long time.)

Anyway, I apologize to you fine, patient listeners, and we’ll see you next week. In the meantime, here’s a short film that was made by a young Jason Reitman in 2000, about making the most of the time you have:

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