Episode 37: Your Crazypants Are on Fire

0037 GhostThis week, dear listeners, we have an episode all about ghost movies! Haunted houses, poltergeists, and children in peril… it’s all here!

If you would like to enjoy some spirits with your spirits, we suggest you join us in drinking Fog Head Cabernet, because is fog is creepy and ghostly.

If we sound like we’re recording in a box (AGAIN), it’s because the recording software used the wrong microphone. Thankfully, the microphone on the laptop isn’t too terrible, but you will hear some artifacting generated by removal the computer fan noise. Melissa is currently in a corner with a flog, chanting mea culpas.

NOTE: We mention in the episode that we ran out of Listener Answers, which is true. However, there are a couple sets of Listener Answers that have not yet hit the podcast feed (they will show up in episodes 38 and 40). So, if you sent in answers to our Questions and haven’t heard them yet, they should still be coming up! If you haven’t answered our Questions at all yet… you should!

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
The Fog
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Haunting
The Uninvited
White Noise
The Sixth Sense
Wide Awake
The Frighteners
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
A Christmas Carol
Poltergeist II
Session 9
Woman in Black
The Ring
The Others
Stir of Echoes
The Changeling
Ghost Story
The Innocents
Skeleton Key
Trick R’ Treat
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Amityville Horror
The Lovely Bones
Ghost Rider
House 2: The Second Story
Cape Fear (remake)

People mentioned:
John Carpenter
Adrienne Barbeau
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tim Burton
Michael Keaton
M. Night Shyamalan
Bernie Wrightson
Dan Aykroyd
Peter Jackson
Patrick Swayze
Whoopi Goldberg
Rex Harrison
Gene Tierney
Alastair Sim
Steven Spielberg
Tobe Hooper
JoBeth Williams
Craig T. Nelson
Nobuhiko Obayashi
Daniel Radcliffe
Nicole Kidman
Kevin Bacon
George C. Scott
Stanley Tucci
Nicolas Cage
William Katt
Ethan Hawke

And finally, here’s the Japanese Charles Bronson cologne commercial that we mention during the episode:


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    • Elliott James on October 24, 2014 at 9:26 AM
    • Reply

    Couple of things:

    The Woman in Black is a 1983 horror novella by Susan Hill. It has been serialised on BBC Radio 4 and is sometimes rebroadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra and thus available over the inernet.

    There is also an upcoming “The Woman in Black: Angel of Death” due for release in 2015; during the London Blitz of World War II, a group of schoolchildren are evacuated with Eve, their young and beautiful schoolteacher, to the safety of the English countryside. Taken to an old and empty estate, cut-off by a causeway from the mainland, they are left at Eel Marsh House.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip!

    • Elliott James on October 24, 2014 at 9:38 AM
    • Reply

    You missed on “Bring out the Dead” (1999) it was Nicolas Cage movie I enjoyed, Cage plays a burned out paramedic working the graveyard shift. The film covers three days of his life as he is haunted by the ghosts of people he could not save.

    Also missed was probably the best H. P.Lovecraft story not written by HLP: “In the Mouth of Madness” directed by John Carpenter and staring Sam Neil, I still find this one disturbing.

    1. I don’t really count Bringing Out the Dead as a ghost story, since I always figured that the ghosts were more in Cage’s head than a paranormal thing. Great movie, though.

      Same thing for In the Mouth of Madness. They’re not really dealing with ghosts. It’s more of an apocalypse film with three levels of reality and a puppetmaster. Again, though, a great movie. If we ever get around to an HPL episode or a John Carpenter episode, I’ll be all over that one.

  1. Recommend: Casper. Yeah, I know, and a lot of the goofy humor of the three ghost uncles gets old quick, but I’m always blown away by, for a kids movie, how honestly and deeply this explore themes of loss and grief, and even has this beloved children’s icon pondering his own death and what it means to no longer be alive. Also, amazing set design.

    And House, I stand alongside Windy in saying it absolutely needs to be seen. It made me a fan of wild screenwriter Ethan Wiley, which was cemented by his follow up directorial debut, House 2: The Second Story (let the title sink in for a second), which isn’t scary in the least, but is fun and hilarious and clever and wonderful, and I love it so much. The remaining sequels drop the humor in favor of straight horror and just don’t have the same magic.

    1. Given my love of horror-comedy, it’s baffling that I haven’t seen the House movies. I swear, I’ll fix it soon.

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