Episode 152: Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno / Air

Episode 152Dear listeners, this week we bring our joy to you with some of our favorite things: underdog sports movies and obscure French auteur movies that never got made!

Movies discussed:
Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno

Other things we liked:
Dancing Bear Chocolate
Swirl Top Baking
Exceptionally useful coffee tables


  1. A good sourdough boule is best enjoyed in torn-off hunks. Who needs a bread knife? OM NOM NOM. Application of butter or other slathered-topping is purely optional. (And that sourdough sounds HEAVENLY.)

    Mind you I’m diabetic so I can’t just tear off hunks of sourdough anymore. On the upside, I’ve become a regular patron of ChocZero. (They have a lemon cookie flavored chocolate bark now, and it’s DIVINE.)

    1. That chocolate cherry sourdough is at its peak with a good coating of butter, because if I’m going to eat like a Roman emperor anyway, I might as go big, right?

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