Episode 160: Polite Society / Bullet Train

Episode 160Dear listeners, we found a lot of joy this week, everything from Pakistani martial arts films to assassins on a train to cheap Beyonce tickets!

Movies discussed:
Star Trek Into Darkness
Polite Society
Bullet Train
Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Other things:
Beyonce’s current tour


  1. … what I’m actually getting out of this is that in addition to Polite Society, I absolutely need to watch Smokin’ Aces.

    Also virtual fistbump to Windy! I finished paying my Parent Plus off on my 51st birthday during the wonderful no-interest regime (and will NOT be getting any of it back, despite the original Biden admin “hey you qualify for some forbearance” thing, UGH, but whatever, it’s done, fine, moving on) so I got out from under that thing a whole year earlier than expected, which is, as you can imagine, VERY NICE.

    1. Smokin’ Aces is a wild ride! Far from perfect, but when it’s fun it’s real fun.

      Congratulations on killing the debt! Isn’t it an AMAZING feeling?

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