Episode 163: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 / Playtime

Episode 163Dearest listeners, we bring you our glimmers of joy this week, complete with space raccoons and bad French accents!

Movies discussed:
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Other things discussed:
Clutch (band)
Bake Off: The Professionals (TV)
The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

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  1. It’s true, sometimes what you need is to start and finish a dingdanged romp of a book in one setting. (Top Gun but with dragonriding is a HELLUVA sales pitch, can’t deny.) I did that after a rough week this past week with the second installment of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen light novel series. (A shorter read than a full novel, to be sure.) I’ve become such a LN fiend this year. (So much ‘isekai’, so so much, woof. A lot of it is dreadful but the occasional gems make trawling in the LN mines worthwhile… mostly…)

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