Episode 179: Hanukkah on Rye / Babette’s Feast

Episode 179Happy belated holidays, dearest listeners! We bring to you news of our holiday movie watching, our gripes about streaming services, and our love of pie!

Movies discussed:
Rescuing Christmas
Hanukkah on Rye
It’s a Wonderful Knife
Babette’s Feast

Other things discussed:
The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story by Douglas Preston
Chocolate Cream Pie
Die Hard advent calendars
Christmas skeletons


  1. The Christmas Skeleton sounds AMAZING, and that advent calendar is a DELIGHT.

    We had a nice, quiet, chill, peaceful holiday. As for recommendations, things that brought me joy… a book series! Well, “light novel” series. Which means, yes, another set of morsels imported (and translated) from Japan. Ascendance of a Bookworm, another “isekai” reincarnated-in-another-world tale, but this one has some meat on its bones. For one thing it’s not a total wish-fulfillment “I’m now an overpowered hero in a D&D setting” story, and more importantly this series does some heavy-duty worldbuilding. And it centers on a girl who just wants to read books! She lives for books. She’ll drop anything at a moment’s notice if there’s a chance to read books! So what happens when she’s reborn in a fantasy world as the youngest daughter of poor parents in a world where books are rare and expensive? Time to make her own… somehow! Shenanigans ensue.

    I’m about to start on the 5th book in the series and it’s so very delightful. Good stuff.

  2. I feel that “Ascendance of a Bookworm” will eventually be the title of Windy’s autobiography.

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