Episode 190: Late Night with the Devil / Fall Guy / Argylle

Episode 190Dearest listeners! We have so many cinematic delights to share this week that we can’t fit all of them in the episode title! We also have dogs!

Movies mentioned:
The Holdovers
Godzilla Minus 1
Late Night with the Devil
The Cleansing Hour
The Fall Guy

Other things mentioned:
Peshwari naan and other Indian cuisine
Los Straitjackets’ cover of “My Heart Will Go On”


  1. “Heavy metal is surf music without reverb.” Weirdly, this kind of explains Midnight Oil, whose roots are definitely in the Australian surfer scene of the late ’70s. Huh!

    I wish I could see the Godzilla movie. Maybe some day it’ll get a domestic shiny-platter release…!

  2. I do believe that Godzilla Minus One has now hit Netflix, in both color and black & white! It’s also a streaming rental on a couple other services, I believe.

    Meanwhile, I have very fond memories of my mother falling in love with a Midnight Oil album in the late 1980s.

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