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Site Update: Episode List Page

Greetings, dear listeners! We just made a quick site update that you might like: we added a page that lists all of our podcasts in one spot.

Even better, the page not only gives you links to the episode posts, but it also lists what each show is actually about, when it was posted, and when it was recorded. There are even search and sort functions, as well as some information about upcoming episodes!

So, if you are one of our listeners who likes to pick and choose episodes of interest, or if you find yourself trying to locate our episode about Godzilla, or if you want to hear all episodes featuring Sharon Stiteler as a guest… this new page is for you!

Alert: We Upgraded!

Xanadu Sq LogoHello, dear listeners! We just wanted to let you know of a site update that could impact your listening experience.

See, every so often, one of you fine listeners would comment that the website’s podcast player was not behaving as expected. We were unable to replicate the issue on our own, however, so we never made progress in figuring out what was wrong.

This evening, for various reasons, we changed our site’s podcasting plugin from PodPress to PowerPress. So far, it looks like the transition is seamless. Hopefully, this will a) fix the audio player on the web site, and b) not break anything else.

On Thursday, we will make sure our next episode properly feeds to iTunes, Stitcher, and Blubrry, and that our old episodes remain as expected. If you find anything weird going on with our podcast feed this week, please contact us and let us know.

Housekeeping: Episode 1 Updated

Xanadu Sq LogoHello, dear listeners!

If something weird just happened in your podcast feed regarding Episode 1, do not fret! It happened because we just replaced Episode 1 with a new version of the file.

See, our poor, long-suffering Episode 1 was originally fraught with severe and constant static, which neither Audacity nor Garage Band had been unable to remove. Unfortunately, we liked the content so much that we decided to go ahead and post the episode anyway, even though it sounded like an 125 year old vinyl record that had been used as flooring in a cow barn. We figured that if folks didn’t care for it, they could always hop ahead to Episode 2.

Well, since then, Melissa got her hands on better sound editing software. And tonight, while procrastinating, she decided to see if Adobe Audition could rescue the Episode 1 audio. The result wasn’t perfect, but it was at least better. Our new Episode 1 now features only intermittent pops and a little warbling from the processing.

So, if you once ditched out on Episode 1, we apologize. It bugged us, too!

Answer our questions!

We love our listeners. And we’d love to have our listeners join us in our glorious Pleasure Dome!

How can you join us, dear listener?

Go fill out our Answer Our Questions page, and we will feature your answers on a future podcast!

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!

Xanadu Sq LogoWindy and Melissa will be posting a podcast about awesome movies very soon. In the meantime, gaze in wonder upon our shiny, mostly empty web site!

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