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Episode 177: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour / Deep Rising

Episode 177Dearest listeners, we come to you today with Taylor Swift and Treat Williams and Tempest Prognosticators!

Movies discussed:
Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
Deep Rising (1998)

Other things discussed:
Imhotep in glasses
Power washers
This TikTok
The Tempest Prognosticator

Episode 58: Superposition Yeti

, with special guest:

0058 Hammer FilmsDear listeners, we have a great episode for you this week, because we nerd out about Hammer Films with our erudite friend and author, Pat Harrigan! We traipse through the history of the famed British studio, mentioning favorite films and actors along the way.

And, as you can probably tell by our diction in this episode, we have had plenty of Cocobon Red Blend wine. You should, too!

Show notes behind the cut!

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