Housekeeping: Episode 1 Updated

Xanadu Sq LogoHello, dear listeners!

If something weird just happened in your podcast feed regarding Episode 1, do not fret! It happened because we just replaced Episode 1 with a new version of the file.

See, our poor, long-suffering Episode 1 was originally fraught with severe and constant static, which neither Audacity nor Garage Band had been unable to remove. Unfortunately, we liked the content so much that we decided to go ahead and post the episode anyway, even though it sounded like an 125 year old vinyl record that had been used as flooring in a cow barn. We figured that if folks didn’t care for it, they could always hop ahead to Episode 2.

Well, since then, Melissa got her hands on better sound editing software. And tonight, while procrastinating, she decided to see if Adobe Audition could rescue the Episode 1 audio. The result wasn’t perfect, but it was at least better. Our new Episode 1 now features only intermittent pops and a little warbling from the processing.

So, if you once ditched out on Episode 1, we apologize. It bugged us, too!

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