Episode 45: Time Is a Beard

0045 Off TopicThis is our 45th episode, which means it is time for our third Off Topic extravaganza! If you’re a longtime listener, you already know what this means, but in case you’re new to the Pleasure Dome, here’s what’s going on:

Our episodes are heavily edited, because we record drunk and edit sober. Most of what we cut out are things that nobody will miss, but sometimes we have to clip out something that is entertaining, but it doesn’t fit in the episode. So, we save all those clips until we can just make a whole damn episode out of them. It’s like a crazy quilt, but with drunken ramblings.

(In case you are curious, here are Off Topic #1 and Off Topic #2.)

The audio bits you are about to hear were recorded between August and November 2014. The audio quality will vary, the subject matter will roam wildly, and our level of sobriety will be completely unpredictable. You will also hear the beautiful voices of:

Matt Kessen
Gordon Smuder
Sharon Stiteler
Rob Callahan
Chris Bowlsby
Windy’s Mom

Also, here’s a series of photos showing Sharon Stiteler reacting during one of the clips you’ll hear:


Please enjoy our third Off Topic spectacular!

Movies mentioned (in no particular order):
An Affair to Remember
Boondock Saints
Can’t Buy Me Love
Revenge of the Nerds
Human Centipede 2
Clutch Cargo (TV)
The Mist
Fried Green Tomatoes
National Treasure
The Hobbit series
The Lord of the Rings series
Oceans 11 series
Clean and Sober
Mr. Mom
Gung Ho
My Fair Lady
Pain & Gain
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Congress
The Station Agent
Stop Making Sense
The Ring
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Cloud Atlas
Speed Racer
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
What a Way to Go
What’s Up Doc?

People mentioned (in no particular order):
Cary Grant
Doris Day
Lars von Trier
Stanley Kubrick
Gene Kelly
Fred Astaire
Peter Jackson
Jim J. Bullock
Julia Roberts
Catherine Zeta Jones
Michelle Pfeiffer
Michael Keaton
Frank Langella
Harry Houdini
Rex Harrison
Uma Thurman
Jamie Bell
Michael Bay
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Mark Wahlberg
David Cronenberg
Robin Wright
David Byrne
Val Kilmer
Stanley Tucci
Barbra Streisand
Madeline Kahn
Tim Wick

Books mentioned:
Bored of the Rings

Video games mentioned:
Silent Hill


David Byrne interviewing himself

Melissa’s all-finger-puppet remake of the last 20 minutes of Dead Alive:

The world’s weirdest dance video:

MST3K outtake where Crow’s eyes burst into flames (starts at 0:15):

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