Podcast Guest: Sharon Stiteler

Episode 60: All Up in My Limbic System

0060 Off TopicThis week, dear listeners, we bring you our fourth Off Topic extravaganza!

If you are a new listener, here’s what’s going on: our episodes are heavily edited, mostly because we drink while we record. Most of the things we cut out are things nobody will miss, but sometimes we simply go off on an odd tangent. So, we save all the fun clips until we can just make a whole episode out of them. It’s like Voltron with less planning.

The audio bits you are about to here were recorded between November 2014 and February 2015. The audio quality will vary, the subject matter will wander, and our drunkenness… well, you know the drill. You will also hear the sonorous voices of:

Pat Harrigan
Kelvin Hatle
David Justin
Barb Lind
Meghan Murphy
Gordon Smuder
Sharon Stiteler
Noel Thingvall

Please enjoy our fourth Off Topic celebration. More show notes behind the cut!

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Episode 50: Rock You Like a Muse

, with special guest: ,

0050 XanaduIn today’s very special episode, dear listeners, we celebrate our first year of podcasting with an episode all about XANADU! That’s right, friends, it’s all leg-warmers and ribbons and magical Olivia Newton John today! And for this grand event, we called up some fellow Xana-fans and former guests, namely Gordon Smuder (of the Puppet Forge and Transylvania Television) and Sharon Stiteler (aka Birdchick).

(In fact, Gordon is such a Xana-dude that he sent me an e-mail full of puns prior to recording the episode. What is Colridge’s favorite soft drink? Mountain Xana-dew. The sequel to Xanadu? Xanadeux. Colridge’s favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon? Xana-Scooby-Doo. Paul Atreides’ favorite musical movie? XanaDune. Frank Sinatra’s favorite musical movie? Xanadoobie-doobie-doo. And what do you smoke while watching Xanadu? A Xanadube.)

As you might notice while you listen to the episode, we have been drinking. If you want to join our inebriated joviality, we recommend Lagavulin 16. Or Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco. Or sake screwdrivers. Really, they all worked pretty well when we were recording. (hic)

Further show notes and links behind the cut!

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Episode 45: Time Is a Beard

0045 Off TopicThis is our 45th episode, which means it is time for our third Off Topic extravaganza! If you’re a longtime listener, you already know what this means, but in case you’re new to the Pleasure Dome, here’s what’s going on:

Our episodes are heavily edited, because we record drunk and edit sober. Most of what we cut out are things that nobody will miss, but sometimes we have to clip out something that is entertaining, but it doesn’t fit in the episode. So, we save all those clips until we can just make a whole damn episode out of them. It’s like a crazy quilt, but with drunken ramblings.

(In case you are curious, here are Off Topic #1 and Off Topic #2.)

The audio bits you are about to hear were recorded between August and November 2014. The audio quality will vary, the subject matter will roam wildly, and our level of sobriety will be completely unpredictable. You will also hear the beautiful voices of:

Matt Kessen
Gordon Smuder
Sharon Stiteler
Rob Callahan
Chris Bowlsby
Windy’s Mom

Also, here’s a series of photos showing Sharon Stiteler reacting during one of the clips you’ll hear:


Please enjoy our third Off Topic spectacular!

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Episode 40: Better Living Through Jameson

, with special guest:

0040 BrooksThis week, dear listeners, Sharon Stiteler (aka Birdchick) joins us again for an episode about Mel Brooks movies! We chat about his filmography, his collaborators, and, of course, My Favorite Year.

If you would like to drink along with us, we suggest Jameson Irish Whiskey, which steered us reliably into silliness by the end of this episode.

Show notes behind the cut!

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Episode 35: Emotional Turgidity

, with special guest:

0035 SirkThis week, dear listeners, we get down and dirty with the Birdchick (aka world-renowned birdwatcher and author Sharon Stiteler) for an episode all about film director Douglas Sirk! Now, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Mr. Sirk’s films, because we do our very best to drunk-describe the awesome, plump melodramas that make up Mr. Sirk’s American ouvre.

Helping us on our journey was a lovely bottle of Lagavulin 16 scotch, which definitely gave us the right frame of mind to discuss 1950s melodramas.

And once again, we have to apologize for some sound issues. During the recording of this episode, we could have filled out a Audio Interference Bingo Card: a neighbor’s barking dog, police sirens, a small child, a chatty husband, an oscillating fan, a rainstorm, and a tornado siren. We were able to remove some of it from the episode, and and then work around the rest. Thus, the audio starts fine, and then slowly gets a bit burbly at the end.

Anyway, show notes behind the cut!

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