Episode 50: Rock You Like a Muse

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0050 XanaduIn today’s very special episode, dear listeners, we celebrate our first year of podcasting with an episode all about XANADU! That’s right, friends, it’s all leg-warmers and ribbons and magical Olivia Newton John today! And for this grand event, we called up some fellow Xana-fans and former guests, namely Gordon Smuder (of the Puppet Forge and Transylvania Television) and Sharon Stiteler (aka Birdchick).

(In fact, Gordon is such a Xana-dude that he sent me an e-mail full of puns prior to recording the episode. What is Colridge’s favorite soft drink? Mountain Xana-dew. The sequel to Xanadu? Xanadeux. Colridge’s favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon? Xana-Scooby-Doo. Paul Atreides’ favorite musical movie? XanaDune. Frank Sinatra’s favorite musical movie? Xanadoobie-doobie-doo. And what do you smoke while watching Xanadu? A Xanadube.)

As you might notice while you listen to the episode, we have been drinking. If you want to join our inebriated joviality, we recommend Lagavulin 16. Or Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco. Or sake screwdrivers. Really, they all worked pretty well when we were recording. (hic)

Further show notes and links behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
Grease 2
The Apple
Can’t Stop the Music
The Warriors
Houston Nights
Conan the Barbarian
Viva Knievel
Solid Gold (TV)
Dragon’s Lair (video game)
Dirty Dancing
Singin’ in the Rain
Battlestar Galactica
The Wizard of Oz

People mentioned:
Gene Kelly
Olivia Newton John
Michael Beck
Stan Lee
J. M. DeMatteis
Bill Sienkiewicz
Glynis Wein
Howard Chaykin
Bernie Wrightson
Ted Danson
Fritz Weaver
Sandahl Bergman
Darcel Wynne
Fee Waybill
Don Bluth
Peggy Fleming
Kenny Ortega
Andy Gibb
Joel Silver
Matt Lattanzi
Samuel Coleridge
Michael Curtiz


The Olivia Newton John Fan Club scanned the entire Xanadu: The Illustrated Story comic book:

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    • Kathy Forste on April 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM
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    Great show everyone! Really loved hearing you gush over one of my favorite movies with my favorite singer of all time, Olivia Newton-John. I know time and perhaps alcohol didn’t allow it but I think there is enough about the movie that you could do another show. (I know there is A LOT more Olivia trivia associated with the movie.)

    Have any of you seen the Broadway version of Xanadu? It’s very good. It sort of pays homage to all the things we love about the movie but in a comical way. They also added some songs from the ELO and Olivia catalog. (Strange Magic and Have You Never Been Mellow) Anyway it’s worth seeing if you get the chance.

    I know your show is all about “guilty pleasure” type films. So you might want to check out Olivia’s movie Toomorrow, released in 1970. (Yes, that’s tomorrow with two o’s.) It was a band she was a member of in the late 60’s early 70’s. They were going to be the next Monkee’s. Produced by Don Kirshner and Harry Saltzman. It’s a very campy Sci-fi Musical, that to me plays very much like the British films of the late 60’s. Olivia is absolutely adorable in it. The songs are catchy and the story line is on par with Xanadu. In complete honesty, this is my favorite Olivia film. They have finally released it on DVD. Up until this year, a grainy version of the film could only be seen with Japanese subtitles. Worth checking out if you like campy movies.

    Thank you for keeping, “a place where nobody dared to go.” alive!


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