Episode 54: Neon Escalators and Things: Part 1

, with special guest:

0054 John Carpenter 1This week, dear listeners, we bring you the first half of an epic podcasting session about horror director John Carpenter! And joining us for our discussion is John Carpenter expert and returning Pleasure Dome guest, Noel Thingvall!

If you get thirsty while listening to our discussion of Carpenter’s early career, we recommend Fox Barrel Pear Cider. Or, if you are beer inclined, Great Lakes Brewing Company Burning River. Or if you are one of those teetotalers, Juicy Juice Fruit Punch. (It has energy and stuff!)

And if you are dying to see Noel’s animated .gifs of Henry Morgan dancing, here you go.

Show notes behind the cut!

John Carpenter movies mentioned:
The Resurrection of Bronco Billy (1970)
Dark Star (1974)
Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Black Moon Rising (1986)
El Diablo (1990)
Blood River (1991)
Silent Predators (1999)
Prey (unproduced)
Zuma Beach (1978)
Better Late than Never (1979)
Someone’s Watching Me! (1978)
Elvis (1979)
Halloween (1978) (and the ensuing sequels)
The Fog (1980)

Other movies mentioned:
You’re Next
Skatetown U.S.A.
Planet of the Vampires
Danger: Diabolik
Rio Bravo
Carnival of Souls

People mentioned:
John Carpenter
Perrin Klumpp
Sam Raimi
Nick Castle
Tommy Lee Wallace
Dan O’Bannon
Mario Bava
Howard Hawks
Dario Argento
Bob Clark
Kurt Russell

Links to Noel’s other projects:
I Love Hate Remakes
Monthly Midnight Movie Exchange
Masters of Carpentry
The Noel Network

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