Episode 59: I Will Eat Your Beef

0059 DislikeFor this week’s episode, dear listeners, we decided to discuss movies we just don’t get: films that seem to be almost universally adored, but, because of some personal defect deep within ourselves, we just don’t like. In other words, we sit around and complain about things other people tell us are good.

For this episode, we recommend that you join us in drinking, because that makes for better bitching. During this episode, we greatly enjoyed bottles of Line 39 Petit Syrah and Wrongo Dongo Red. Because, surely, we are probably a bit of wrongo dongo ourselves.

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
Revenge of the Nerds
Better Off Dead
Lost in Translation
An American in Paris
La Dolce Vita
The 400 Blows
The World’s End
Winged Migration
The Big Lebowski
Summer Wars

People mentioned:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Christopher Nolan
Sofia Coppola
Gene Kelly
Frederico Fellini
Robert Altman
Francois Truffaut
Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell
With Nails by Richard E. Grant


    • Cetius on March 26, 2015 at 3:36 PM
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    Judging by what she said, I think Windy means Walter and not Donnie. Donnie (Steve Buscemi) is quiet and rational, Walter (John Goodman) is the in-your-face one. #knighted

    Loved this episode, as I’ve often not enjoyed movies I’m told I should have.

  1. Yay, my listener answers episode arrives! *does a happy dance* Trivia! My father named me after the Czech playwright, Karel Capek, the man who delivered the word “robot” into our language.

    We actually have one of those flip-a-switch fireplaces in our townhouse apartment. I completely agree with this addition to the pleasure dome! (Besides, it’s safely enclosed and less likely to incinerate precious reading material.)

    I grew up on the M*A*S*H TV show as well (born in ’72!) and, early in my adult life, tracked down the movie figuring it would be great to see where it all began. Wow, was THAT ever a bad idea… 100% agreement with your take-down, here.

    Since we’re giving Nolan some flack, I’ll admit that while my fellow superhero-flick fans fall over themselves in a hurry to praise The Dark Knight, I… can’t really watch it. I saw it once, I “got” what it was doing, I admire it as a highly competent work of film, but my only emotion at the end was relief that it was finally over. What a grim, depressing, dark, blah movie overall! And really, had it not been for Heath Ledger and the mystique involved and (I’ll be fair) his astounding performance, I don’t think people would be talking up the movie as much today. (And the less said about the trilogy’s final outing, the better. Sigh.)

    Movies driven by characters who just make things worse: NOPE. So much agreement there. GAH.

    One last bit of commentary then I’ll go to bed! Honest! Anyway, early on you mentioned how you can dislike a movie but admire that it swung for the fences. I feel that way about “Lucy.” It’s a bad movie, make no mistake, but I feel like Besson was really trying something very different, and I give him points for that. It’s a big-budget mess of an art film, really.

    And with that… G’nite!

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