Episode 63: But What About the Lacrosse?

, with special guest:

0063 TeenDear listeners, we are well aware that we are middle-aged ladies, so we brought on young’un Kate Cornish from the North Star Roller Girls to discuss teen comedies!

(Okay, so we admit Kate is old enough to have PhD and we’re talking about teen comedies of the late 1990s, but hey! We’re trying!)

If you feel brave enough to drink along with two roller girls and Melissa, we suggest The Gaucho Club Oak Cask Malbec. It is tasty and its Argentinian ways pleased us greatly.

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
She’s All That
10 Things I Hate About You
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Can’t Hardly Wait
American Pie
Save the Last Dance
Easy A

People mentioned:
Paul Walker
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Rachael Leigh Cook
Brittany Murphy
Alicia Silverstone
Paul Rudd
Amy Heckerling
Donald Faison
Zach Braff
Heath Ledger
Julia Stiles
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Angelina Jolie
Matthew Lillard


Freddie Prinze Jr. in a duet with Brak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast:

Anya Marina’s acoustic cover of “Whatever You Like” by T.I.:

See Hear Party:

Chez Zee in Austin, TX:

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  1. Of all the movies I was subjected to because my wife wanted to see them, “Clueless” is among the best. The slang may not hold up, but in a weird sort of way that doesn’t really matter. The whole thing’s just adorable and full of heart and snark.

    I have yet to subject myself to “Hackers,” mainly because I suspect I’d be cringing almost the entire time. Partly it would be, “oh gods, now I remember, that’s what technology was like back then, SO PRIMITIVE.” Mostly, I suspect, it would be “WHAT NO IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT ARE YOU PEOPLE MENTAL” and maybe occasionally I’d be distracted by Angelina Jolie but probably not often enough to make the movie bearable.

    Helluva soundtrack, though. Or set of soundtracks. Whichever.

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