Episode 70: It’s Like the Big Sleep, but Better Summarized

, with special guest:

0070 Rian JohnsonThis week, dear listeners, we have rejoined with North Star Rollergirl Kate Cornish (aka She Coli) for an episode all about the films of Rian Johnson! So if you have never seen Brick, Brothers Bloom, or Looper, we hope to steer you to a better life.

If you would like to drink along, we recommend Bodega Tamari Reserva Malbec, because it’s Argentinian, and we like Argentinians.

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies discussed:
Brothers Bloom

People mentioned:
Rian Johnson
Elijah Wood
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Adrien Brody
Mark Ruffalo
Rachel Weisz
Noah Segan
Bruce Willis
Emily Blunt


Every Noise at Once

C&EN Onion:

Rock Sugar’s “Don’t Stop the Sandman”

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  1. I watched “Looper” before “Brothers Bloom,” and didn’t realize it was the same guy behind them. Some movie snob I am, eh? (nope!)

    The idea of having someone take that old-version-versus-young-version conflict to the next level: That’d be interesting, because while the young version is invulnerable, the old version is all-knowing. Everything you decide to do as the young version becomes a memory of the old version. Brain-breaking, man! That said, since drug-use stuff (plus eye squick) turns me off a bit, and some of the time travel stuff doesn’t quite wash upon sober reflection, I ended up not liking “Looper” as much as I expected to. (And I’m enough of a Bruce Willis fan to put up with a lot. Hell, I own “Jackal” on DVD.)

    “Brother Bloom,” on the other hand, i like exactly as much as I expected to, and I loved Rinko Kikuchi’s one line of dialog. That movie is SO the epitome of the kind of art films I was soaking up at Cinema 21 in NE Portland during the early to mid 90s, like whoah. It was a kind of high-budget throwback to all that artsy dramatic wacky nonsense. And seriously, what a collection of acting talent. Wowza. Not a great movie, but a decently charming and weird movie.

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