Episode 107: Everybody Needs Frockcoats

, with special guest:

The PrestigeThis week, dear listeners, we bring you a magical double-feature episode about the two magician movies that came out in 2006: The Prestige and The Illusionist! (Okay, there was a third one in the same year, but did anyone really see Scoop?) For this episode, we are joined once again by super special guest star, Fes Works!

If you would like to drink along, we recommend the following (not necessarily at the same time): Two Gingers Whiskey (Windy’s pick), Apple Pie (Fes’ pick), or New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest (Melissa’s pick).

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
The Prestige
The Illusionist

People mentioned:
Ed Norton
Paul Giamatti
Jessica Biel
Rufus Sewell
Hugh Jackman
Christian Bale
Ngila Dickson
Philip Glass
Aaron Taylor Johnson
Ricky Jay
David Bowie


Penn and Teller bullet catch:
Penn and Teller cups & balls trick with clear cups:

Mr. Jack (Pocket Version):

Steven Universe:

Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow:

Don Hertzfeldt’s Simpsons couch gag:

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