Episode 124: C-Snarkio and the Irish Whiskey Mafia

Rogue OneFinally, dear listeners, it’s a new year, and we have a Star Wars movie to talk about: Rogue One! (Yes, here be spoilers!)

If you would like to drink along, we suggest either Two Gingers whiskey (which isn’t Irish) or Bauhaus Brew Labs’ Wonderstuff (also not Irish).

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
Rogue One
Godzilla (2014)
Doctor Strange
Clone Wars (TV)
Rebels (TV)
The Running Man

People mentioned:
Christopher Nolan
Alan Tudyk
Carrie Fisher
Michael Giacchino
Alexandre Desplat
Forest Whitaker
Gareth Edwards
Ben Mendelsohn
James Earl Jones
Donnie Yen
Mads Mikkelsen
C. Robert Cargill
Scott Derrickson
Felicity Jones
Aaron Taylor-Johnson


Bauhaus Brew Labs:

Donnie Yen makeup commercial:


  1. I like that Rogue One manages to be the most expensive and successful retcon movie ever made, I like that it’s a solid proof-of-concept “we can tell non-Skywalker movies” project, and I like that it’s an off-speed plot that still manages to work as an action adventure movie. I liked that they left the question of Chirrut’s actual use-of/connection-to The Force wide open to interpretation, because the point of his character is that HE believed (though you could also tell he was CHEERFULLY baiting Baze on occasion), and his belief was that anyone who was open to The Force could tap into it. I liked a lot of the movie, really.

    I… hated the original music. I’m amazed that it was scored by the guy who did The Incredibles‘ score (which I think works perfectly). When I noticed Rogue One‘s music at all, it took me out of the movie in one of two ways: Either it was a motif lifted from Williams’ work on the other movies, or it was an original bit that annoyed me. The vault heist sequence, the bit where they jump onto the robotic drive array column thing? They used this repeated annoying set of loud synth notes and I was cringing. Cringing and frowning.

    I also feel like they tried to shim in some kind of romantic-pairing… thing… at the very end. Why do that, movie? No sense at all, there.

    So… solid if not great. Good if not classic. Keep ’em coming, Disney.

    (As I noted on Twitter: The day I watched Rogue One was an unexpected “Disney Movies Featuring Alan Tudyk In A Comic Relief Voiceover Role Mini Marathon,” since two hours later I watched Moana…)

    1. I think the weird sorta romantic thing might have been something that once had context in a previous cut of the movie, but made no sense in the final cut. Either that, or they were trying for a “we’re about to die, so let’s make a human connection” thing, and it floundered because we were primed to read it as a romantic thing, or something something. Whatever it was, it didn’t quite work. (Though it also didn’t bother me as much the second time watching the film, because at least then I already knew it Wasn’t Going to Go There.)

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