Episode 189: Staying Alive / Time Masters / Lisa Frankenstein

Episode 189This week, dear listeners, join us in the hot tub for our latest cinematic delights! No really, we’re in a hot tub!

Movies mentioned:
Staying Alive
Lisa Frankenstein
Time Masters (aka Masters of Time)

Other things mentioned:
Hot tubs
Cadbury Mini Eggs


  1. Oh no… I think you’ve got last week’s audio again…

  2. OH NO! It’s fixed now!

    Whatever would we do without you, GreyDuck? Thank you!

  3. … and then I forgot to check back but hey, that’s what the RSS reader is for, to remind me when the following installment shows up.

    Sounds like I need to rent a weird Mobius-involved French animation on Amazon as part of my vacation. I’ve slogged through Fantastic Planet a couple of times (look, it’s pretty and all, but “pacing” isn’t something French animators figured out for DECADES) yet somehow never even heard of Time Masters/Masters of Time. Today I learned!

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