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Episode 1: WTFW?

Xanadu Sq LogoWelcome to our inaugural podcast! Please join us in our love of movies.

If you care to drink along with us, this week’s wine is a Malbec from Barefoot Wines.

Please excuse our audio problems. The static was only discovered after we recorded the podcast. (Apparently, Snowball microphones do not agree with Audacity.) We did what we could to rescue the audio. We promise that we’ve fixed this entirely for future recording sessions.

And no, we never do manage to explain in the episode why we named the podcast Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome. How about you posit a theory and e-mail it to us?

Show notes behind the cut!

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Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!

Xanadu Sq LogoWindy and Melissa will be posting a podcast about awesome movies very soon. In the meantime, gaze in wonder upon our shiny, mostly empty web site!

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