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Are you ready for XanaCineHoliday?

Look who showed up to watch Bridge of Spies with me! #xanacineholiday

Melissa and The Elusive Fes during our November XanaCineHoliday

Last November, we had a trial run of a new thing called XanaCineHoliday: Windy would camp out in a theater in Texas, and Melissa would camp out in a theater in Minneapolis, and we’d both watch movies all day. It was a ton of fun, so now we’re doing the first official XanaCineHoliday! (Or maybe we’ll just call it XanaCineHoliday #2. We’re not sure yet.)

If you would like to participate, watch a movie — or several — on Saturday, February 20th. It doesn’t matter if you watch the movie in a theater or off a DVD, just watch a movie! When you’re done, tell us what you watched! You can comment here on the web site, you can comment on our Facebook page, or you can tweet at us. We’ll be posting with the #xanacineholiday hashtag.

Alternately, if you’re in the Minneapolis area and have nothing better to do on the 20th, here’s Melissa’s tentative schedule. Feel free to show up and say hi!

Noon: Deadpool (Willow Creek)
2:50 PM: Hail, Caesar! (Willow Creek)
4:45 PM: Room (Willow Creek)
7:05 PM: The Big Short (Willow Creek)
9:50 PM: The Witch (Willow Creek)
Midnight: Ex Machina (The Uptown) (maybe)

It’s XanaCineHoliday (Trial Run)!

Hey, everyone! Windy and Melissa are trying something new today: XANACINEHOLIDAY! Windy will be in a theater watching movies all day in Texas, and Melissa will be doing the same in Minneapolis. We will, of course, podcast about it later, but if you would like to follow our misadventures, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts by looking out for the #xanacineholiday hashtag.

Alternately, if you’re in the Minneapolis area and have nothing better to do today, here’s Melissa’s schedule. Feel free to show up and say hi!

10:45 AM: The Martian (Arbor Lakes AMC)
2:00 PM: Trumbo (Willow Creek)
4:15 PM: Creed (Willow Creek)
7:10 PM: Bridge of Spies (Willow Creek)
9:50 PM: Spectre (Willow Creek)

If this works out, we’ll do a full-out event on February 20th, 2016. Mark your calendars!


Back on October 15th

Hello, dear listeners!

This is just a quick note to say that we won’t have a podcast this week. Melissa is still fighting the Fantastic Flu and basically hasn’t been outside her house since Sunday. (Apparently, nearly everyone at Fantastic Fest caught a cold this year — or at least it looks that way from the complaints on the Facebook group.)

Anyway, we figured you needed some extra time to catch up with the glut of podcasts we posted last week. That was a lot a lot of hours of drunken / sleep deprived / cold-medicated shenanigans, y’all.

We’ll catch up with you next week!

Oh no! The Pleasure Dome needs to skip a week!

Howdy, dear listeners! Melissa here.

As you know, I spend many hours each week editing our episodes. (And yes, you do want me to do that. Seriously.) Alas, I have been slammed this week with non-Xanadu things, both planned and unplanned: moving to a new house, long hours at work, intermittent Internet access, a broken water heater, a surprise dentist appointment, etc. With all that going on, there just aren’t enough hours in this week to polish up our latest episode.

This is the first time since starting this podcast that we’ve missed a week; I hope it is also our last. (At the very least, I hope I don’t have another week this crazy for a long time.)

Anyway, I apologize to you fine, patient listeners, and we’ll see you next week. In the meantime, here’s a short film that was made by a young Jason Reitman in 2000, about making the most of the time you have:

A Quick Announcement for Underappreciated Movies

Hello, dear readers! You may have noticed that there wasn’t an Underappreciated Movies post at 9:00 AM this morning. We are very sorry!

The reason for this is that Windy and Melissa are BOTH in the process of moving homes, plus the Fringe Festival is coming up. In the whirlwind of crazy, we ran through our backlog of movie picks, and now don’t have the mental bandwidth to keep up.

So, we’re putting Underappreciated Movies on hold until life calms down a bit.  But don’t worry — the podcasts and Trailer Tuesday will keep coming!

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