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Episode 154: War

Episode 154Dear listeners, this week we bring to you an episode about a 2019 Bollywood film named War, which brought us so much joy this week!

Movies discussed:

Other things we liked:
Animal Humane Society

Episode 140: Avatar 2 / Throw Down / Buster Scruggs / etc

Episode 140Dearest listeners, it’s Windy’s birthday, and we’re bringing you our finest film finds of the previous week. Blue aliens, drunk judo masters, Japanese love letters to Sam Raimi, singing cowboys, and more!

Show notes behind the cut!

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Episode 139: All Quiet on the Western Front / The Ascent / Pathaan

Episode 139Dear listeners, this week we bring unto you a brief discussion about war movie narratives, wrapped in a discussion of three war and war-adjacent movies that we saw this week.

Show notes under the cut!

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