Episode 175: Megalomaniac / Conann / Passion / Razorback

Episode 175Dear listeners, we come to you today with barbarians, ballet, and boars!

Movies discussed:
Conann (aka She Is Conann)

Other things discussed:
Afternoon of a Faun (ballet)
Annular eclipse
Air plants

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  1. Aw, yay, thank you! I don’t always comment but I do always listen! (If you have nothing to say, not saying it is valid, yeah? Yeah.) (Also: I am also on Blewski, I’ll try to find ya. My username is… what you would guess it is.)

    Virtual fistbump for Windy of “oh hot damn THAT’s over” loan-being-done-ness. HOT DAMN, I SAY.

    No eclipse for me, PDX decided to live up to its reputation (in spite of the last decade of climate-change-based hot dry weather) by being socked in with clouds & fog that whole day. Sigh.

    Talking about air plants put me in mind of a rec: NOVA’s doing a series, “Ancient Earth,” and it’s a bit more info-dense than the usual modern science program. (“Here’s a fact, here’s some CGI, here’s various talking heads repeating that fact three different ways for 15 minutes with more CGI, are you bored yet?”) The reason we have soil at all? Plants (and fungi)! Something had to do all that work! You can watch the episodes on PBS’s website, they’re quite good. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/series/ancient-earth/

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