Episode 176: Dark Night of the Scarecrow / V/H/S/85

Happy Halloween, dearest listeners! Today we bring you a couple final films for the spooky season!

Also, a note for the month of November: Windy is traveling for a couple weeks, so we won’t be recording for a while. However, we still have some audio from many years ago that we never released, so some of that might appear in the feed while we wait for Windy’s victorious return!

Movies discussed:
Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Other things discussed:
Enamel pin collections

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  1. Mops come in ELECTRIC?

    We have a bunch of “sakura-flower”-shaped corkboard frames, each with an enamel pin stuck in it. (Right now I can see Petra from Fire Emblem Three Houses on top of my desk.)

    … and no, Melissa, you’re not wrong.

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