Episode 22: Dysfunctional Is Still Functional

Xanadu Sq LogoThis week, Windy and Melissa make use of listener Ryan Alexander’s suggestion and talk about BOOZE MOVIES! (“Because meta,” writes Ryan.)

We, of course, did not do this episode sober. We found a bottle of wine with a sheep on it (Le Grand Noir Malbec) and enjoyed it very, very thoroughly.

Show notes behind the cut!

Movies mentioned:
The Thin Man
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Withnail and I
Hudson Hawk
The World’s End
Shawn of the Dead
The Hangover
The Saddest Music in the World
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Lost Weekend
Days of Wine and Roses
A Star Is Born
The Player
Bad Santa
Strange Brew

People mentioned:
Ryan Alexander
Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor
Patrick Stewart
Mercedes Ruehl
Richard E. Grant
Gary Oldman
Michael Caine
Bruce Robinson
Paul McGann
Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Paul Giamatti
Thomas Hayden Church
Denzel Washington
John Goodman
Guy Maddin
Mark McKinney
Isabella Rossellini
Johnny Depp
James Mason
Eddie Izzard
Orson Welles
Robert Altman
Mickey Rourke
Peter O’Toole
Mark Linn-Baker
Billy Bob Thornton
Rick Moranis
Max von Sydow

Books mentioned:
With Nails, by Richard E. Grant
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson

Places mentioned:
The Heights Theater
The Walker Art Center

Other things mentioned:
War of the Worlds concept album

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