Alert: We Upgraded!

Xanadu Sq LogoHello, dear listeners! We just wanted to let you know of a site update that could impact your listening experience.

See, every so often, one of you fine listeners would comment that the website’s podcast player was not behaving as expected. We were unable to replicate the issue on our own, however, so we never made progress in figuring out what was wrong.

This evening, for various reasons, we changed our site’s podcasting plugin from PodPress to PowerPress. So far, it looks like the transition is seamless. Hopefully, this will a) fix the audio player on the web site, and b) not break anything else.

On Thursday, we will make sure our next episode properly feeds to iTunes, Stitcher, and Blubrry, and that our old episodes remain as expected. If you find anything weird going on with our podcast feed this week, please contact us and let us know.

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